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Restraining Order was a studio run by Brian Johnsen and Sebastian Schmaling of Johnsen Schmaling architects, a small, up and coming firm located in Milwaukee, WI. 


The studio looked at something that is becoming more and more rare within architecture, the idea of restraint. What better program to apply this idea to than an urban monaster for Capuchin Friars.

The sub-focus of the studio was the inclusion of CLT (cross-laminated timber) within the project. 


The design is composed of two materials, wood and concrete, and three distinct components, shell, wrapper and plinth.  We used a modular width for the shell while adjusting the length to fit the site and program. This allowed us to enclose the site as both a method of securing the site as well as creating the vast interior orchard and garden. The monastery also included a comprehensive community outreach program including a clinic, homeless shelter, soup kitchen,  and food pantry. 

Restraining Order: An Urban Monastery

Group: Cameron Kollath and Christopher Knitt


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