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This project focused on the theory, design, and physical representation of a landform stair for a hotel in the E.U.R. district of Rome.As a group we entertained the idea of humans as the agent of erosion relating the speed of the water in a river to the movement of humans on the stair. Viewing the form of the stair as a river-carved valley, banked river, or river delta. The uneroded peaks of the stairs are segmented by the columns creating the idea of smaller more permanent spaces. 


The model is cast in concrete using stacked cardboard molds. We found that the edge of the corrugation creates an interesting texture and pattern on the walls of the path. The columns are rebar rods of varying sizes which also provided some degree of structure for the concrete. We also cast sticks and leaves into the concrete as a gestural move to liken it to an actual river.  

Wanderlust: Poetics of Human Movement

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